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Yes I know!!! I am spending way WAY too much time on this blog, but as work is a little slow right now, I have the luxury of squeezing a few entries here and there through out the day. PLEASE have some compassion: this blog is like a new toy - I don't want to stop playing - I practically want to sleep with it! It is a little (a lot) narcissistic but why not, it's fun, it might inspire the 6 of you, and it allows me to unleash my closeted and frustrated inner decorator - [justification ahead ...] at least I'm not buying anything - just looking [let's make that clear RIGHT NOW!] ...

Trust me, in a few weeks, there will be so few entries, life will seem normal again! In the meantime .... I'm splurging!

PS: Why dream small when you can dream big ... like a lot of the pieces Belgian decorator Axel Vervoordt uses ... especially the tables and consoles in the above images.

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