Blueberries are one my favorite fruits, high in antioxidant, more nutritional values keep being discovered every day - but have you seen how much they are [and if you buy organic, forget it!] !?!?! So why not plant a shrub or 'dwarf tree' and benefit from picking your own berries, on a daily basis. The environment will benefit as well , because all that plastic waste from the tiny containers add up, especially if you buy them once or more a week. Another advantage of growing your own is that you know your berries will contain no chemicals, pesticides or additives, and NO irradiation [even organic produce gets irradiated when it come from outside the US]!

Blueberries grow in practically any climate, as long as they have enough water, sun and the correct soil, but that is one more beauty of planting your own plant .... put it in a container, on your terrace, in your garden ... one doesn't need a lot of space to grow these blue sensations!

I invite you to Google as much as you can to find out the best options for you, and you will find all the planting directions you'll need - based on your location.

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