Ikea - An 'austere chic' Summer

As summer approaches, so does the time for BBQs and other lazy afternoon activities. Loving all these items from Ikea, mixing one or more, you can't go wrong by staying with these natural colors and textures - letting the colors of the trees, flowers, napkins, food and guests pop out while the look of your 'outdoor pad' stays stylish, understated and 'austere chic'. Loving these prices as well! And if you don't have any good looking greens ... try planting some eatable herbs such as rosemary, thyme, sage, vervaine, lavender (yes - lavender! .... you can make tea with the leaves ad use the flowers as presentation on your dishes), and/or other goodies - using pots [from Ikea as well]. I'm telling you ... it's how you mix the items together with older pieces, antiques, and pieces you already own that creates an organic and affordable look. Honestly: who can afford the stuff from the previous posts anyways???. I am letting you choose your own table ...

Above & Below are all the basic items you will need to create an beautiful outdoor space - mixing this with what you already have - and there you have it!

PS: You are using recyclable eco-conscious paper plates and corn based cups, right? (Of couuuurrrse you are, but I had to ask!)

More info at http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/seasonal/summer

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