Jacques Wirtz [Landscape Designer]

One of my [many] favorite garden designers is Jacques Wirtz. His landscapes are both simple and complex, but it is his austere choices of plants, the shapes he gives them, and the repetitive aspects of the plantings that let his landscapes come to life - almost as if stepping off a page from a mysterious children's fairy tale book. Wirtz's designs are rarely about color [more about shades of greens and the natural season shifting colors of the trees]. He uses very little flowers as well - which I like - but one must remember that what works in a country where it rains practically everyday will not work as well in a desert like climate such as Los Angeles. When creating a garden, it is always best to go with local and climate friendly plants. Anyways, I just wanted to share some beauty and inspiration, that's all.

More info at http://www.wirtznv.be/

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