No more junk [snail] mail! [Environment]

One of the best things I ever did for my mailbox [and the environment] was to become a member of 'Green Dimes' which has now changed its name to Tonic. For $20 a year, not only will they plant one tree (per year) in your name ... they will make it easy for you to be removed from all those catalogues and other mailers that have a tendency to invade the mailbox.

"Stop up to 90% of your junk mail with 'Mail Stopper' - in just 90 days. We work with over 6,500 direct marketers - to make sure you get only the mail you want."

It took a little longer than that - but as of now, the junk has been reduced OVER 90% compared to what I was receiving before.

Try it for one year - see if it makes any difference in your life - worst case scenario: they just planted a tree in your name.

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