Bruno Romeda

For many years, Bruno Romeda, who was born in Italy, has focused on the most simple, absolute geometric shapes - the square, the circle, and the triangle. From time to time, he will undertake variations on his chosen repertory of shapes - a circle warps into an ellipse or is truncated to an arc; a square is stretched out into a long rectangle. By starting with elemental shapes and giving form to each individual work, it is the directness with which he works, and yet with infinite subtlety, that gives his sculpture such authority and at the same time makes it so seductive.

His sculpture has been described not as a volume, around which one might walk, but rather as a "threshold," to both that which the eye can perceive -- the far horizon -- as well as to the void, the unknown. Illusion is the basis of Romeda’s sculptural psychology. His environmental sculpture, placed outdoors, interact with the landscape by framing and articulating space.

Kouros Gallery has published a number of books and catalogues on Romeda’s work, both in hard and soft cover.

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Bruno Romeda is another artist I ab-so-lu-te-ly adore! Having had the privilege to meet him ... and dine w/ him at his house in the South of France ... he's left a lasting impression on the little girl that I was then, and to this day ... he has taken a place as one of my all time favorite artist. The dream? To own one of his "circle" piece ... though I am not a collector, his pieces resonate with me in a way few other artists have. Though I love many MANY artists, I don't necessarily want to own or live with one of their pieces: but a Bruno Romeda? Anytime!!!

Above are just a few of my favorites ... but he does quite a few other shapes as well.

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