Changing the Present

Surfing the web for something completely different, I stumbled upon this add which I would have ignored had it been for anything else, but somehow, I was intrigued and liked the concept. Now, I'd like to share this with you. Changing The Present (loving the metaphor in the name) is not a new concept, but most people are not aware of this possibility: instead of accepting a gift that will probably not be in your aesthetic realm, a "gift" that would probably gather dust or yet another space in an overstuffed mix-use drawer, a "present" that creates a "string" i.e. that it is proper etiquette to return the favor when the times come and all those unnerving social rules that condition us to consume more and more ... why not ask people to donate in your name. There are numerous opportunities and concepts available for all walks of life, financial, social, philosophical and cultural situations. You can also sponsor various activities ... : it's just a different name for "donating", but it's time to spread the generosity and privilege that we enjoy everyday of our lives ...

Note: sometimes, three dollars can change a life (micro-loans anyone?) ... imagine the potential if you can afford more!

Just a thought ... I am not preaching!!!

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