Odacite - NEW Fresh Organic Skin Care

What a concept: an all natural - organic - freshly made skin care. Odacite is the brainchild of Valerie Grandury who has spent the last 5 years tweaking the line to perfection. Below is the philosophy behind this exceptionally 'fresh' new product line - made here in Los Angeles.

" What sets Odacité apart from all others in the cosmetic industry is our commitment to a new and incomparable level of Freshness. Not only do we set out to find the freshest, purest, seasonal and organically grown or wild crafted ingredients for our products, we make sure they get to you As Fresh As the Day We Found Them.

Welcome to our Revolution, we are extremely proud to be the only skin Care that is:

  • Freshly Made for you, in small batches, from certified organic and seasonal ingredients.
  • Directly Shipped to you from our lab.
  • Stamped with a Freshiency™ date, which guaranties optimum Freshness and Efficiency.
  • Reformulated for you, every Season, with new anti-aging agents to boost your skin’s ability to repair and renew itself.

We retain the essence of raw, natural ingredients in a process that synergistically ties many beneficial organics while preserving important micro-nutrients.

We not only Eliminate Toxic Ingredients, we also eliminate Toxic Processes.

The end-product is the most bio-available Skin Care Line.

Because of the Fresh nature of our Skin Care, you won’t find us in stores, our products are not meant to sit on shelves!

Our ingredients are chemical-free botanicals that are either Organically farmed or Wild Crafted in remote natural areas far away from any pollution.

Our products contain Mother Nature’s preservation system, a combination of plant extracts and Vitamins.

Our oils are cold pressed in order to bring you the highest content of antioxidants and vitamins preserving the life force of each ingredient

Think of us as the Farmer’s market of Skin-Care.

Every Season, we harvest nature’s fabulous therapeutic values enhancing it with proven anti-aging agents like Natural Vitamins and Antioxidants, thus creating the freshest organic age-defying blends.

Just as we are fervent believers that food is healthier freshly made from scratch than over processed and preserved, we believe that in order to deliver all its benefits a skin care product needs to be Freshly Made from organically grown and wild crafted ingredients.

On the other hand, most “regular” cosmetic are manufactured to have shelf life of three years, two for the organic industry, some don’t even have a date…

Would you put 3-year-old oil on your fresh organic salad?

Even the best ingredients in the world, once they age become inactive… Worse the oils become rancid, filled with free radicals that accelerate the aging process of your skin.
To keep a product for three years, guess what you need to fill it with preservatives!

We test all our products on real people (our CEO first) never ever on animals.

We designed a Mini- Refrigerator set at the Perfect Temperature for our products, safeguarding all the precious nutrients. Our CEO said “ if I spend so much time finding the freshest seasonal ingredient, I want a special place in my bathroom to protect them…”

Our passionate endeavor is to bring you the freshest organic skin care available on the market, for healthy glowing skin for the many seasons to come. "

For Austere Chic readers only: if you want to try odacité and get freshly made organic skin care delivered to your door, they extended the 'friends and family' discount until the end of JULY, just write SMILE in the cart for a 15% discount (US only).

More at http://www.odacite.com/

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