Robert Longo

Another one of my favorite artists is New York based illustrator Robert Longo. A retrospective of his work is currently being shown at the MAMAC (Musee d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain) of Nice from June 27 - November 29, 2009.

Bodyhammer: .38 Special (Open Chamber)

Bodyhammer: .357 Magnum (Long Barrel)


Einstein's Office

The Freud Cycle
(Exterior Apartment Door with Nameplate and Peephole)

Untitled (Solar Eclipse)

Untitled (Dog Test)

Untitled (Dark Mike)

Untitled (Cathedral of Light)
The pictures above were taken from both Artnet (which tracks pieces for sale presently or in past auctions) and Robert Longo's own website.

Some of my favorite Robert Longo pieces are from his Bodyhammer series (1993), just for the sheer scale of them, as well as their austere pop art tendencies!

If you can't see the Bodyhammer pictures ... click on the little square as I linked them to his site ...

Bodyhammers & Death Star series

Another aspect of his work which fascinates me is the interweaving of life & death, dark & light, delicate & powerful, fragile & disastrous scenarios. Though his work seems to be about 'simple' subjects, he seems to ask (or tell?) very philosophical ponderings on the fragility of human life in regards to our place on this planet and our actions on it (and towards ourselves) - power, death, violence and beauty are always represented in the most poetic and refined way, with a medium as delicate and complex as its message(s): charcoal! I LOVE his work: it moves me - I guess that's the bottom line ... I resonate with it. There is almost a shamanistic quality to the work and I never get tired of letting myself be completely absorbed by its symbolism!

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