OzCollective's Abri No.177 (Umbrella Art)

Ozcollective are an exciting group of Paris based designers, who came to our attention through their masterful arrangement of umbrellas called Abri no 177. But they go beyond the odd craftily arranged parapluie, which main men Alexandre Pachiaudi and Gaëtan Kohlerthey told us all about.

How was Ozcollective formed? What are its guiding principles and beliefs?

AP: It is a simple story. We met as freshman students in the same workshop at l'Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris. We then learned together during the next five years.

Much of your art has crossed over into architecture. Where do you identify yourselves on the spectrum?

AP: You describe us as artists, and we enjoy that, but we come first as architects.

GK: It is true that for the moment our projects are pre-eminently research that have not a direct link to architecture.

AP: And what is architecture...? It is something very transdisciplinary. Every master architect has given to the community a definition of this word: Vitruve, Alberti, Le Corbusier, Mies ... Each one of them defines in his own words a different color/taste to this discipline. And at the same time they all say the same thing! For me it is something between science and arts craft.

Could you tell me about the creation of Abri no 177 from the original idea to exhibiting it?

AP: The first step to understand the Abri No.177 stands in its name. In french Abri means shelter. We developed this project around this idea. The umbrella was chosen as the main material for the project because it is a fascinating manufactured object with plenty of evocating meaning. It is one of the most tiny and delicate shelters a human can ever use. We tried to create something between the roundness of a human breast and the aggressivity of a hedgehog.

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