WHY - Wally Hermes Yacht

OK. So it's only a fantasy for about 99.999999999% of us but what's the point of life if you can't dream. By the way .... this was stolen from a friend's post on Facebook .... so thank you R.S. WOW .... stunning isn't it? It's the Wally Hermes Yacht ...

Antony Gormley

Loving the work of British sculptor Antony Gormley who is currently being shown at the excellent Brussels, Belgium Gallery owned by Xavier Hufkens until October 22, 2009.


Manufactured Landscapes - Documentary

Absolutely loved this documentary called "Manufactured Landscapes" on China's current industrial development . The images captured by photographer Edward Burtynsky are absolutely and horrifyingly beautiful and thought provoking. Without preaching or judging what he shoots and shares with us, both the film maker and the artist make us really look at what we have (around us - as in, look at what surrounds you NOW from where you are sitting) both from a materialistic and consuming point of view to the environment aka our home/our planet and its resources.

Using a computer right now ... I am part of that problem in a way I always tried to avoid thinking about ... this baby better last me at least 10 years!

You can see more of Edward Burtynsky's images at

Matt Gibson's unexpected modernist masterpiece

Expect the unexpected from this award-winning space from Australia's Matt Gibson. You might be greeted by a traditional Victorian cottage facade., but then, you open the door to behold a modernist masterpiece.

From the Matt Gibson's site:

This renovation to a single fronted terrace involves the story of two pavilions, at the front a classic Victorian workers cottage and at the rear a new contemporary addition. The layout over the long narrow block involves a series of figure / ground relationships with 2 central courtyards mediating 3 built elements. The scheme is given additional resonance via level & material changes. The central mirrored courtyard acts as a powerful interstitial space & a metaphorical bridge of history between the front & rear dwelling. Decking boards run inside and outside and with concealed fold away doors confuse and blur notions of interior and exterior. Continuity of material and colour is integral to the sense of flow & movement and the tale of the site's history.

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Robert Vizzini - Photographer

Loving the dark, moody and mysterious work of visually poetic, Brooklyn-born photographer Robert Vizzini which I discovered while browsing the artist roster of Belgian Gallery Cypres.

"Robert Vizzini's beautiful photographs are
love poems to New York. He takes on
the big landmarks and makes them his own
through his spare and elegant eye. His
classical sensibility is deftly applied to the
Statue of Liberty, the Empire State
Building, roads and bridges. Nighttime and
moody skies always reign in his pictures.
Whether he is isolating out the underside of
a roadway across a bridge or focusing our
attention on tenement buildings seen through
a rain smudged window screen, there is
no doubt about how he feels about his subject."

Kathy Ryan
Photo Editor
New York Times Magazine

I encourage you to check the following website for more incredible pictures

Shaun Tan - Author & Illustrator

Loving the work of author/illustrator Shaun Tan. Check out these titles for beautiful stories and stunning illustrations. Perfect for both kids and adults. Above are just a few images from "The Arrival", but check out some of his other titles such as the ones below, and many more!!!

Hotel du Nord, Denmark

I'm dreaming of spending a summer week at the lovely Hotel du Nord at Bornholm, a small Danish island just south east of Sweden's southern coast. The hotel looks so totally relaxed and cozy! It is built in an old print factory, with a view over the ocean, and they serve communal dinners at a long table for 20 persons. Plus the whole place is extremely child friendly with boxes of dress up clothing, toys and paper and crayons at the table! Doesn't it sound like the perfect vacation for a single parent with two wild kids? If you want to you can rent the whole house for a very reasonable price, and celebrate your birthday, wedding or just the fact that life is sometimes great, with a barbecue in the garden or catering from the hotel.

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"Cubes" by Eranhill

Liking this short clip ... called "Cubes" by Eranhill. It might be just a study for an upcoming short he's making, but I like the black & white nature as well as the visual artistic feel of it. Hope you do too.

Marcel Duchamps' "The Creative Act"

For some reason, this blog is becoming more and more about art .... at least for now. More and more pictures and clips, and less and less words. SO, if you are an artist, or an art lover ... this "listen" is a must: Marcel Duchamps' "The Creative Act". The visual work above, which was fused with a piece of the original recording, is just a peak but a true pleasure to look at as well - but do listen to the whole thing (it's about 7 minutes). To get your hands on the original recording of this, thank the folks at the Belgian label Sub-Rosa for making this possible to us - humble servants of creativity and expression.

Album MP3

Shun Kawakami's "Art with Sound"

If you liked the previous post on Japanese graphic designer and artist Shun Kawakami, check out his part of the exhibit called "Art with Sound" part of the April 2009 Kuala Lumpur Design Week. The show was shown at the Malaysia National Art Gallery.

Below is Shun Kawakami's very own designed ART BOOK sold at the 2008 Kansai Japan Design exhibit at Les Arts Decoratifs (Musee du Louvre / Paris).

"Artless" Graphic Design

artless is a graphic design unit based in Tokyo and lead by art director/designer Shun Kawakami. Typography as art - how great! artless blends monochrome graphics with bonsai, ikebana and calligraphy stylings. This concept is included in their art, but also loads of other projects like sound installations and most recently; the package design for issey miyake.

See the complete pingmag article for more.

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"The September Issue" trailer

I can't wait to see this new documentary on Anna Wintour called "The September Issue" based on the fashion industry's most influencial mind and ... Vogue issue ...