Robert Vizzini - Photographer

Loving the dark, moody and mysterious work of visually poetic, Brooklyn-born photographer Robert Vizzini which I discovered while browsing the artist roster of Belgian Gallery Cypres.

"Robert Vizzini's beautiful photographs are
love poems to New York. He takes on
the big landmarks and makes them his own
through his spare and elegant eye. His
classical sensibility is deftly applied to the
Statue of Liberty, the Empire State
Building, roads and bridges. Nighttime and
moody skies always reign in his pictures.
Whether he is isolating out the underside of
a roadway across a bridge or focusing our
attention on tenement buildings seen through
a rain smudged window screen, there is
no doubt about how he feels about his subject."

Kathy Ryan
Photo Editor
New York Times Magazine

I encourage you to check the following website for more incredible pictures

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