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I have fallen in love with Kendo ("the way of the sword") (Japanese) & Kumdo (Korean), as well as Bongtoogi (Korean stick fighting) and Gumtoogi ("sword fighting skill" : a ground breaking evolution in Eastern sword fighting philosophy). These disciplines are based in offense as opposed to defense, and I find that refreshing in a society where everybody is always reactive or defensive about every little thing. These techniques are based in the perfection of a simple but perfectly executed movement (the zen of it) performed with focus, intention, precision and speed. The snapping noise of the bamboo weapon being used, as well as the screaming (of that part of the body about to be hit) is very empowering (especially for women). Getting in touch with one's inner warrior is never a bad thing, especially if done with grace, discipline, precision, and elegance. I find this art to be beautiful, graceful and useful. The uniform is stunning as well. But this blog being about the practical and visual beauty of "things" ... these ancient martial arts could be looked upon as a warrior's ballet ...

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