Daylesford Farmshop - Gloucestershire

It takes a while to get your head around the fact that you are in the heart of the Gloucestershire countryside when you step inside the complex of buildings that make up Dayelsford's Farmshop and Barn. It's not just the well-heeled London patrons emerging from their Cotswold bolt holes but also the exquisitely manicured grounds and impeccably designed interiors that make you think Sloane Square rather than rolling English countryside. Pristine and bountiful is the general aura; for those not able to make the pilgrimage, Daylesford also has a newly expanded Online Shop.

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Jayson Home & Garden - Lighting

Just a few exquisite and classic examples of lighting from one of my favorite store Jayson Home & Garden.

Jayson Home & Garden

Isabelle Huppert - Distance et Desire

Pawson House 1999

Loving the sleek lines and simple yet warm materials chosen for this London house ...

"Planning regulations prohibited alterations to the front of this traditional nineteenth century row house in a conservation area in west London. Working within these restrictions, the design scoops out the interior in its entirety, leaving the protected façade untouched. Floor layouts are radically redrawn to give the maximum amount of unencumbered space, while cuts made to the envelope allow natural light into the full depth of the plan. At the top of the house a glazed slot running the length of the ceiling allows light to spill down a triple-height staircase. Outside the conventional street elevation gives only a tantalizing glimpse of the new life which has been flipped into the frame of the old."

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Baron House - Sweden

Driving through a broad expanse of landscape with distant coastal views, one's first impression of this vacation house is of its virtual invisibility. The rise of the land shields the property from the quiet public road, but even at those points where the house falls within the line of vision, its white planes and silvery pitches seem to dematerialize, receding into the vast overarching sky.

The design draws significantly on local vernacular models which are transformed through the introduction of elements of new materiality and detailing, to create volumes with a contemporary quality of abstraction whose interiors are bathed in light and views. Entry is via a lofty space framed by a pair of walls finished in fine vertical slats of dark stained timber and set below steeply angled roof planes. The relative darkness and the sense of powerfully compressed space combine to create a charged experience of arrival. From here one emerges into a central courtyard and views which slice through the architecture to landscape in every direction - north, south, east and west.

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Richard Serra @ Gagosian NY


1. Elevational Mass (2006)
2. Blind Spot (2002-2003)

" Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present two important sculptures by Richard Serra. Related in both form and scale, Blind Spot (2002-2003) and Open Ended (2007-2008) entail similar concentric structures, each consisting of six weatherproof steel plates. Open Ended was recently exhibited at Gagosian Gallery in London in 2008. This exhibition brings both sculptures together for the first time. "

Nothing new but an old classic on display at the New York's Gagosian Gallery. Richard Serra being one of my favorite artists, I couldn't resist the urge to post a few more samples of his work.

The exhibition will be closing on December 23, 2009

522 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10011
T. 212.741.1717 F. 212.741.0006
Hours: Tue-Sat 10-6
The gallery will be closed on Thu, Nov 26

Los Angeles by night

Los Angeles is an extraordinary city! Love it or hate it ... it remains a city where anything can happen. The beauty, the horror, the creativity, the destruction, the movements of awareness and consciousness (as well as the opposite - sadly) all happen in and around this metropolis also known as the city of Angels. There is something here for everyone ... so when I came across this slow motion take of the city by night ... very "TRON" & "BLADE RUNNER" like ... I just wanted to share it, however, TURN OFF the volume (the music does not match the images). Enjoy!

Auberge Basque: the new face of hospitality

If you want to know what the new face of the French hospitality industry looks like, this is where you should come. Auberge Basque harkens back to the time when hosts were thoughtful, unaffected, and genuinely happy to receive you. Cédric Bechade (formerly of Bocuse and Ducasse) has come here to give free reign to his passions, side by side with an exceptional sommelier, Samuel, and a young staff overflowing with enthusiasm and dedicated to their profession.

Lovely rooms, in both contemporary and classic styles, and remarkable cuisine that’s a welcome change from genteel, stuffy gastronomy: here there are only fresh regional products and an élan marked by refreshing creativity. The cuisine is playful, precise, vigorous, colorful….and there’s plenty of it. If you go, you’ll notice that the attention to detail extends even to the bread. It comes from the Boulangerie Darrigues. While not the prettiest bakery in the village, it’s the best, especially the gateau basque, excellent bread, brioches with raisins and nuts. An impressive wine list and, overall, throughout the hotel a scrupulousness that ensures everything is just right.

Article by Francois Simon

Auberge basque
Saint Pee sur Nivelle, France

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Accessories made with recycled tires

This clever brother-sister team from Argentina makes incredible accessories made exclusively of recycled tires. How cool and stunning is this!!!! Check this out!

Bookmark them as I have a feeling they will become a HUGE presence in the world of fashion accessories.

Hoot & Heart - Flower Object Mode

Images to drool by ... Thanks to Juna for sharing this wonderful place with Austere Chic.

"fine american objects and botanicals

hoot & heart co. takes classic ideas of taste and value to fashion of-the-moment solutions that prove timeless. where impacts are desired we aim to conjure pause for an audience that might otherwise have been thought unpausable. sustainable, livable, luxury is at our core. intention guides us."

More @

Hoot & Heart Company
1016 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 319-9700

Rotating Towers

Check out the surreal "dynamic" architecture emerging out of Dubai and soon to be in one of the major cities near you (New York, Milan, Moscow, Tokyo anyone?) ...
These two videos simply show the rotating tower moving like a carefully timed ballet of living floors suspended on a rotational axis. Completely surreal!

You can

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