Auberge Basque: the new face of hospitality

If you want to know what the new face of the French hospitality industry looks like, this is where you should come. Auberge Basque harkens back to the time when hosts were thoughtful, unaffected, and genuinely happy to receive you. Cédric Bechade (formerly of Bocuse and Ducasse) has come here to give free reign to his passions, side by side with an exceptional sommelier, Samuel, and a young staff overflowing with enthusiasm and dedicated to their profession.

Lovely rooms, in both contemporary and classic styles, and remarkable cuisine that’s a welcome change from genteel, stuffy gastronomy: here there are only fresh regional products and an élan marked by refreshing creativity. The cuisine is playful, precise, vigorous, colorful….and there’s plenty of it. If you go, you’ll notice that the attention to detail extends even to the bread. It comes from the Boulangerie Darrigues. While not the prettiest bakery in the village, it’s the best, especially the gateau basque, excellent bread, brioches with raisins and nuts. An impressive wine list and, overall, throughout the hotel a scrupulousness that ensures everything is just right.

Article by Francois Simon

Auberge basque
Saint Pee sur Nivelle, France

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