Baron House - Sweden

Driving through a broad expanse of landscape with distant coastal views, one's first impression of this vacation house is of its virtual invisibility. The rise of the land shields the property from the quiet public road, but even at those points where the house falls within the line of vision, its white planes and silvery pitches seem to dematerialize, receding into the vast overarching sky.

The design draws significantly on local vernacular models which are transformed through the introduction of elements of new materiality and detailing, to create volumes with a contemporary quality of abstraction whose interiors are bathed in light and views. Entry is via a lofty space framed by a pair of walls finished in fine vertical slats of dark stained timber and set below steeply angled roof planes. The relative darkness and the sense of powerfully compressed space combine to create a charged experience of arrival. From here one emerges into a central courtyard and views which slice through the architecture to landscape in every direction - north, south, east and west.

This post by & via John Pawson

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