French Garde Robe

For your sweet little monsters ... these cute (and very affordable) pieces from "French Garderobe by Fabienne Doutreleau" are made with - mostly - fabric discards, which is great for the environment (reuse-reduce-recycle anyone?) Above are a few of my favorites ...

You can see the whole collection (and colors) @

Ursula Morley Price - Ceramics

Loving these mysterious and extraordinarily intricate pieces from Brighton based potter Ursula Morley Price. Her work could fool the viewer into thinking she is influenced by marine life ... not so! As she clearly states in her biography, it is the very movements she gives her pieces that give these organic shapes the feelings they ignite in the observer.

You can see more of her work @

Victoria Morris Pottery

A few favorites from Los Angeles based potter Victoria Morris. Along with Julie Delmas, Warner Walcott and April Napier (see previous and future posts), all working out of Xiem Clay Studio in Pasadena, the simple aesthetic of these extraordinary potters have become some of my favorites (and inspirations for my own beginner work as well).

You can see more of Victoria's work @

Petit a Petit Ceramics

I fell in love with these sweet "baby-teeth boxes" and "Piggy Banks" from Julie Delmas. What a great concept - if you have a child or as a gift - these little gems remind me of Beatrix Potter's world (how British, how lovely!).

Currently based in Los Angeles, Julie sells her pieces on her blog @

Toki no Kumo Guesthouse - Japan

Check-out this lovely guesthouse ...

14-21 Motohama, Nagahama, Shiga, Japan Zip 526-0059
Tel: 1 + f + 0749-68-2910

4rth Amendment - Metalic Ink T-shirts

They won't find anything except for a challenge to their unwarranted searches.

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, meant to prevent unwarranted search and seizure, is readable on TSA body scanners.

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