Bored at work? Play with flies!

This is one of those e-mails you open and ... surprise ... Love it! Thanks to M. for sharing it with us.

These are actually from Swedish photographer Magnus Muhr. Thanks to L. for the original source!

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Ivan Puig - poetry, beauty and sound

Loving the poetry (and sound) of Spanish artist Ivan Puig.

Kumi Yamashita - shadow work

Loving the shadow work of Kumi Yamashita! The above work might not be his latest, but it is certainly new and fresh to me. Thanks to my father for pointing me in his direction ... I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

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V Dialogue - Visual & Graphic Quotes

For lovers of art, graphic design, philosophy, dark humor, and famous quotes .... check out this series I saw on the blog FFFFOUND ... called "V Dialogue". Look at FFFFOUND first for an instant display in a pleasant sizes ...

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Hotels & Lodging: Löyly Spa in Portland

Löyly is the Finnish word for the steam that rises up when water is poured over hot sauna rocks—it's also the apt name of a stylish spa located in southeast Portland, Oregon. Owner Jessica Kelso was inspired by the sauna culture of Scandinavia when she created Löyly; working with architect Brendon Farrell, Kelso created a serene sanctuary featuring a polished concrete floor, simple red lockers, and stainless sinks. Prices are reasonable, and there's a tiny adjacent bar offering tea as well as wine and beer; go to Löyly for more information.

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The Woods Pencils by Colleen Pencils Co.

The Woods Pencils by Colleen Pencils Co.

Loving the simple beauty and warmth elegance of these twelve pencils– each marked with the number in the series, the HB grade, the bilingual (English and Japanese) wood species and country/area of origin, and a most unusual number – the specific gravity of the pencil’s wood.

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Polaroid to be relaunched in 2010

What else needs to be said? This is GREAT news ....
Note: the above pictures do not represent the new model

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The Third & The Seventh by Alex Roman

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

PLEASE watch it in FULLSCREEN mode!

And if you don't believe that this is animation: look at this second video (also as beautiful as a haunting ballet of images gliding on the eyes of the viewer like dancing blades on an icy lake) ...

Sent to me by a friend .... I'd now like to share this gem with you. This is the "BARAKA" of architecture (except that it was fully computer generated).

If you are an architect, a computer graphics specialist, a 3-D animator, a cinematographer, a filmmaker, a photographer or anyone who appreciates the beauty of architecture and the intricacies of computer graphics: check out this INCREDIBLE fully animated clip which tries to illustrate the art of architecture across a photographic point of view where the main subjects are already-built spaces. Created by Alex Roman, get ready to be moved by the beauty ... remembering that it's ALL COMPUTER GENERATED!

Available @ VIMEO You can see more alike videos by Alex Roman here as well.

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Delia Derbyshire's DOCTOR WHO

Labour and Wait - London

Simple, practical, natural, classic, affordable, beautiful, relaxed, non pretentious .... do I need to say more? You could literally do all your non-food shopping in this little gem of an old-fashioned 'general store'. If you live in London, on a tight budget, but have incredible style ... you could shop at Labour and Wait with your eyes closed and there wouldn't be a single item you'd regret buying (for yourself or someone else!). I don't say this often ...

Todakobo Pottery

彩陶 リム皿 M

白陶 ころ湯呑

shelf by sizima.

AAAaaahhh ... the beauty of an elegant ceramic! I couldn't not share this with you ... and thanks to a new blog I discovered today called

Pottery by Fumihiro Toda Yakimono Todakobo (More of his wonderful photography in Flickr. )

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Vision Blogs ...

Have you ever heard of a "vision board"? It is a place where you put images and words that will hopefully influence your future (and for some lucky few ... actually manifest). Well then ... I hope that I may be surrounded with a few of these previous posts (after good friends, good food, good music and good art .... ).

I love how creativity and visual beauty is such an essential nourishment for the soul. With so many of us out there "blogging", I love the fact that we all inspire each other, yet have such individual styles!

So, in that spirit, I would like to thank all the bloggers out there, because this blog couldn't exist without yours!

Thank you!

Happy, healthy, creative and stylish 2010 to you!

Aesop - Stunning Store Design

I first saw this incredible store, one evening, in the old part of Zurich, Switzerland ... and completely forgot about it until I stumbled upon these images and ... WOW! Every store is different ... and absolutely stunning. Thanks to these two fabulous blogs (see below) for this and other stunners!

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