The Third & The Seventh by Alex Roman

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

PLEASE watch it in FULLSCREEN mode!

And if you don't believe that this is animation: look at this second video (also as beautiful as a haunting ballet of images gliding on the eyes of the viewer like dancing blades on an icy lake) ...

Sent to me by a friend .... I'd now like to share this gem with you. This is the "BARAKA" of architecture (except that it was fully computer generated).

If you are an architect, a computer graphics specialist, a 3-D animator, a cinematographer, a filmmaker, a photographer or anyone who appreciates the beauty of architecture and the intricacies of computer graphics: check out this INCREDIBLE fully animated clip which tries to illustrate the art of architecture across a photographic point of view where the main subjects are already-built spaces. Created by Alex Roman, get ready to be moved by the beauty ... remembering that it's ALL COMPUTER GENERATED!

Available @ VIMEO You can see more alike videos by Alex Roman here as well.

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