A few favorites from Shepard Fairy

Conscious art by Los Angeles street artist Shepard Fairy. His art is intelligent, inspiring, important and always on the pulse of the moment. Fairy knows how to capture collective consciousness issues and brings them to those who are naive enough to trust and believe that governments and corporations are looking out for us! His work functions as a visual, intellectual, philosophical, spiritual and political rebellion/revolution/awakening. If medias of the world fail us, then it is through art, music and literature that we can communicate the messages that need to be heard. We need more artists like Fairy! Long live intelligent and beautiful "street art"!

More Fiona Banner ...


01. Aardvark, 2007
02. Mirror Fin, 2006
03. Apocalypse Now, 1997
04. Every Word Unmade, 2007
05. Bones, 2007
06. The Bastard Word, 2006-07
07. The Bastard Punctuation, 2006-07
08. Evaporated Book, 2008
09. Anatomy of a Book, 2009
10. Full Stops, 1998
11. Full Stops, 2005

Visually swimming through Fiona Banner's older exhibitions ... these were some of my favorite installations.

Fiona Banner's 'toys for boys'

Thanks to Lior of EnT-T Records for pointing me (once again) in the right direction .... WOW .... how cool is this! These photos are taken from Fiona Banner's current exhibition at London's Tate Britain via an article in The Guardian UK. On view until January 3rd 2011. I have admit Fiona Banner has become one of my new favorite artists. Stay tuned for future posts where I will go back in time and skim my favorite pieces from some of her older exhibitions! Her work might not be new to you .... but to me - it is pure excitement! Something old can be new ... it is only the eye of the beholder ...