Shinichi Maruyama - Water Sculpture

KUSHO from Shinichi Maruyama on Vimeo.

Water Sculpture from Shinichi Maruyama on Vimeo.

"Shinichi Maruyama has been involved in many worldwide advertising campaigns, utilizing his expertise in ice,liquid/splash, and specializing in movement in his works.Years of lighting research and the advancement of retouching have made it easier to have a strong idea of exactly how a photo will look even before the shoot begins. For Maruyama, the spontaneity of the process is what he finds most exciting. “Each stroke is unique, ephemeral. I can never copy or recreate them,” he says. “I know something fantastic is happening, but I can’t fully understand the event until I look at these captured afterimages.” Shinichi maruyama was born in 1968 in Nagano, Japan. He started his professional career in Tokyo in 1993, 10 years later relocating his studio to new york city in search of more global opportunities. Specializing in splashing and energetic movements within shots, Maruyama has become highly sought after for his expertise in this field expanding his career into Europe in 2005."

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