Xylophone in the Forest by Invisible Designs Lab

We’re starting up production on our summer issue, and I’m on the hunt for amazing outdoor inspiration—events, locations, artwork, you name it. When I saw this xylophone project posted over at The Fox is Black, my jaw dropped. The video was made by the Japanese firm Invisible Designs Lab for DOCOMO to promote the Touch Wood SH-08C, a limited-edition phone with a solid wood body. The phone is cool, but the video? It’s incredible; a truly inspiring vision of what can be accomplished when creative minds work collectively to put a project into motion.

Set in a quiet forest, a long man-made structure gently slopes over the landscape, propped up by logs and containing hundreds of precisely placed wooden bars. I won’t say more and spoil the video for you, but I’ll just say I’ve never seen such a stirring rendition of a Bach Cantata, especially performed by a wooden ball. Enjoy!

Pssst … Do you have any amazing outdoor inspirations—a favorite hideaway, summer destination, or outdoor activity? Please let us know. We’d love to hear about them!

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