Derek Wilson - CERAMICS

Loving the exquisite work of Irish artist Derek Wilson.

In his own words ...

"My ideas spring from a complex blending of the abstract to the familiar, evident in both the functional ware and sculpture that I make. My objects, in their color, shape and materiality, reference the ideas of restraint, containment and minimalism. My search for a simplicity of form draws inspiration upon a diverse range of sources from mid-century British Constructivism to the history of the ceramic industry in Europe and Asia. I work in celadon glazed porcelain and stoneware and my objects, whether they are made to be used or not, tend to be placed in groupings – evoking communality and sociability. My aim is to push the boundaries of a traditional and diverse art form through playing with its aesthetics, materiality and processes. Fundamentally, my work is essentially made to be used in everyday life."

Derek Wilson Ceramics
25-51 York Street Belfast
Co.Antrim BT15 1ED

+44 786 0533681

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