The PNKYRNG Collection by Dina Kamal

Dina Kamal is an architect and a jewellery designer based in Beirut.

Below is a peak look at her first jewellery collection made and launched last summer at London's Dover Street Market. For more information and see her full line of jewelry, go to

In her own words ....

"Throughout history, the pinky ring, signet ring, or chevaliere, has implied status, style, and attitude.

From the Pharaohs to ancient Rome where royalty and clergy had their pinky rings embossed with symbols and seals, to dandies, and mafia, to the glamorous women of the 1930s who defined their avant-garde attitudes through fashion, to the silver screen icons, movie, jazz, rock, hip-hop and rap stars, the pinky ring is – and always has been – shorthand for distinction, style and attitude.

In a contemporary style, and from an architect’s perspective, the DK01 PNKYRNG Collection re-defines the shape of the signet ring and sets a revival for the pinky ring or chevalière.

DK01 is design practice focusing on unique ideas for precious objects and architectural projects."

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