PONG - EMF protection

On this very blog, I stumbled upon an add that seems quite extraordinary. I always recommend you do your own investigating, but based on their website pictures and explanations, this seems like the next must-have practical gadget of the decade (in my humble opinion).

Here is an excerpt from their site: "Reducing Up to 95% of Near Field Intensity. EMR within one wavelength of the user is called Near Field Intensity (NFI). When you hold your cell phone to your ear, you are absorbing between 48 to 68% of the NFI radiated by your phone. It is this radiation that underlies increasing concerns among physicians, scientists, and lawmakers who believe this exposure to be a health hazard. The NFI of the iPhone 4/4S can be seen as a white "hot spot" in the picture below on the left. On the right, using Pong, NFI has been directed away from the user."

Without the Pong Device

SAR = 1.188 mW/g

With the Pong Device

SAR = .296 mW/g 75% Reduction

For more information you can go to http://www.pongresearch.com

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