Janaki Larsen - POTTER

Admired today: minimal but soulful pottery by Janaki Larsen, in the interiors of the Butter on the Endive dinner in Vancouver (and available for sale at Le Marche St. George).

Janaki grew up surrounded by working artists on British Columbia’s Salt Spring Island (her mother is potter/painter Patricia Larsen and her father is painter/stonemason Ron Crawford). After completing her degree at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Janaki returned to BC, where she opened Le Marche with her husband, Pascal Roy, and her sister, Klee Larsen.

“I love dirt,” Janaki offers as an opener for her bio, a refreshingly unpretentious explanation of her artistic philosophy and process. Her ceramics do possess a certain informal, organic charm. But even so, they are a far cry from mud. Light and airy, Janaki’s vessels are full of delicate grace and beauty. Their forms are simple, elemental, their proportions personal. Perhaps favoring texture over color, Janaki’s glazes are similarly understated, but also vital. The results are pieces that are both modern and timeless. Serene and lovely, but designed to be used, they are so tactile that you can’t help but touch.

See more of her work at Janaki Larsen.

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