The new face of INTENSITY

Photography by Romain Boyer ( Don’t worry, this is not a real rabbit).

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Discovered on Matthieu N.'s facebook page. Thanks! 

It Gets Better

Crow Moon

Crow Moon from Blobina on Vimeo.

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The Redstone Inkblot Test

Beautiful, fun and fascinating!

A modern twist on the classic inkblot personality test, this kit includes 12 beautiful inkblots to analyze and interpret. Any interpretation can be a jumping-off point for self-discovery, or maybe just a good laugh! A 32-page handbook features a full personality profile for each blot, a short history of inkblots, and tips on how to use the test. Perfect for individual use or for sharing with family and friends. This playful personality test is as amusing as it is revealing! 

You can buy this or other books on the subject (great for dinner parties), but there are also a number of places online where you can take similar tests for free (I prefer those who just give you the answer at the end without having to sign or log-in. 

Here is one example:


"There is a kind of success
that is indistinguishable from panic"

- Edgar Degas

Luxirare - Japanese Hot Pot

And there are those who write recipe books without images. What a tragic mistake! A picture is worth a thousand words!

For the above recipe, instructions, and HUGE picures ... go here.

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Matthieu Belin - Photographer

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Quelle Belle Vue - Blog

A Swiss and a Swede collecting works of beauty 
they have come across online as well as offline 
while living their lives as creative individuals. 

The coolest blog EVER! If I could post all their entries on Austere Chic ... I would! These past 5 posts come from QBV ... Check it out!


Shake, by Carli Davidson, is a wonderfully funny and quite beautiful photo series of dogs shaking their heads while being photographed. Although I am not really a dog person, I do catch myself falling in love with dogs that have a strong (or strange) personality. Check out Davidson’s website for more.

Sue Paraskeva - POTTER

This is a beautiful video documenting the workflow of Sue Paraskeva while sculpting her extraordinary porcelain pieces. The video was shot and produced by Jamie Isbell. To see more work by Sue Paraskeva, go here.

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Mr. Div

Animated GIFs by motion graphic designer Matthew Divito.  To see more of this particular work go here. Don’t forget to check out Matthew’s Motion Graphics Reel 2K11.

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Dry - A Memoir

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Waves from Daniel Palacios on Vimeo.

Daniel Palacios creates machines that can scan and visualize the flow of visitors (Waves, 2006-07) or objects that communicate with their viewers by means of artificial intelligence. These are works that create snapshots of reality and pose questions about perception, memory, time and space. To see more of his work go here.

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