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IMAGINE - by Mads Hagstrom

Imagine that all change begins with ourselves. Imagine that our mindset shapes our world. Imagine that we need a sustainable mindset to create a sustainable world. Imagine sustainability as an expression of balance  or imbalance in humans, in society and in nature. Imagine that all our garbage were harmless or even nourishing to nature. Imagine that we solved our problems  rather than repress and remove their symptoms. Imagine why we drink bottle water. Imagine that you can´t solve your problems before you´ve faced the underlying reasons. Imagine flow as a sustainable condition where balance and growth joins. Imagine disease as a symptom of imbalance. Imagine that your consumption choices affects how we treat nature. Imagine that we marked pesticide food instead of organic food. Imagine power of thought as one of the most powerful things we have. Imagine a link between the way we pollute our own body and the way we pollute nature. Imagine that human growth includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Imagine eating with an intention of giving your body nutrition and energy. Imagine that conflicts are often just about wishing to be heard and understood by the other side. Imagine holistic thinking as seeing things as a whole. Imagine the level of obesity if people only ate when they were hungry. Imagine of good design meant good for you, good for others and good for nature. Imagine if we could build houses like trees that could clean the air and produce energy and oxygen. Imagine that your thoughts of yesterday and of tomorrow are what keeps you from being present. Imagine nature as our mentor. Imagine that you will receive everything you give. Imagine peace begins with inner calmness. Imagine the equality you could generate if you stopped feeling superior or inferior to other people. Imagine that we can make a demand for growth that includes financial, social, cultural, nature and human dimensions. Imagine your intuition always tells you where to go next. Imagine the benefits in resources, energy and pollution if we preferred tap water over bottled water. Imagine a link between the chemicals, pesticides and additives in your food and the imbalances in your body. Imagine if political decisions were based on what would be beneficial for humans and for nature. Imagine that you can absorb more nutrition when you focus your attention on your food while eating. Imagine the amount of mental stress you could avoid if you stopped trying to cover up or compensate for low self esteem and dealt with it instead. Imagine alcoholism and compulsive behavior with eating, shopping, sex, gambling, fitness, working or internet as the same mechanism. Imagine that you can create more diversity by loving the way that other people are different from you. Imagine that a no to others, can be a yes to yourself. Imagine if prisons were designed to help and rebuild people rather than punishing and breaking them down. Imagine the feeling of shame as your gateway to low self esteem. Imagine that we as consumers can create a demand for energy created by renewable energy sources like sun, wind, earth or water. Imagine that the way to deal with emotional pain is to accept and accommodate it. Imagine that it is cheaper to buy organic farmed products when you look at the big picture. Imagine you can only change your outside world by changing your inside world. Imagine that you can avoid stress by meditating a few minutes a day. Imagine meditation being as simple as paying attention to your own breathing. Imagine that you can prevent and cure disease with the composition of the food you eat. Imagine that the key to your happiness is following your intuition instead of other people´s opinions and advice. Imagine that your world will change when you change your thoughts. Imagine that giving people your advice without being asked for it is like invading them. Imagine if our electronic devices emitted radiation that was beneficial and healthy instead of damaging to us. Imagine how easily a walk in the forest or by the sea can make you feel balanced and grounded. Imagine that your bed sheets and clothes did not transmit chemicals to your skin from pesticides, dyeing and coloring. Imagine how hard talking, impatient, punishing and intolerant we can be to ourselves. Imagine that as a complete person you are a more competent person. Imagine life as a journey with ups and downs that offers you unique experiences. Imagine that we used plant photosynthesis as the design model for our energy production. Imagine that there are at least two sides to everything.Imagine organic and bio-dynamic farming as something that makes environmental, human and economical sense. Imagine that alternative therapy and conventional therapy go perfectly well hand in hand. Imagine that our schools and universities encouraged us to strive for being the best for the world – not in the world. Imagine that we will stabilize the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere in our generation. Imagine that we are all a small part of a bigger whole. Imagine that buying bio-dynamic food is like saying no to toxic food for you and your family no to unfair trade, no to animal abuse and no to exhausted and barren farmland for future generations. Imagine that you can´t change other people, you can only change your own perception of them. Imagine the amount of energy we could save if we constructed houses with natural air conditioning. Imagine that growth takes place in the pauses. Imagine how easy it is to spend most of our spare time watching television. Imagine that you could make the world more loving by being more loving to yourself and others. Imagine that small things can make a big difference. Imagine that your consumption choices affect how we treat people. Imagine that you are sometimes trying too hard. Imagine that our news empowered us. Imagine that you can make the world more tolerant by being more tolerant to yourself and others. Imagine that you can reduce over-consumption by buying quality instead of quantity. Imagine disease as your body´s way of communicating a need for purification of for shifting into a lower gear. Imagine that your world will change when you change your beliefs. Imagine that self-hate can trigger imbalances in your body. Imagine fair trade as common sense. Imagine how many people that comfort eat to soothe their anger, stress, loneliness or sadness. Imagine making a consumer demand for solar powered airplanes. Imagine how many mobile phones you have had in the last five years. Imagine if the things we designed became more and more beautiful the more we used it. Imagine how cleaning with chemicals affects our health. Imagine dealing with your mental and emotional stress rather than soothing and repressing it with food, sugar, alcohol, shopping, TV, medication or coffee. Imagine if good management meant good for the employees, good for the company, good for the global society and good for nature. Imagine that sustainability and profitability go perfectly well hand in hand. Imagine that the food you eat affects both your physical and your mental condition. Imagine men and women as equals. Imagine that you can make the world safer by being more caring to others. Imagine that you could appreciate the voids and see them as a valve. Imagine how the latest new is immediately replaced by a new. Imagine the way your skin self-repairs after a cut as an example of the way our body and mind, under the right circumstances can self-repair in multiple ways. Imagine that we are born with a natural condition of balance. Imagine light and sound as frequencies that can have a damaging, neutral or beneficial effect on you. Imagine violence as an expression of incapacity and despair. Imagine how often you are in contact with nature. Imagine money simply as a form of energy. Imagine if city air became as clean as sea and country air. Imagine your body as an engine that will break down under the wrong conditions. Imagine the power of taking the necessary time to turn your attention inwards and make your decisions based on that. Imagine how liberating it is to be able to be bored with someone. Imagine that having your limits exceeded by yourself or others will have consequences. Imagine that you can take what you need from this and leave the rest. Imagine that your world will change when you change your actions. Imagine how soothing, and how frustrating, silence can be depending on your mental condition. Imagine how much you give to another person by just being present and listening to them. Imagine the amount of energy you can save by dealing with your problems instead of bitching about them. Imagine that we only use a fragment of our mental capacity. Imagine that skin color and sexual orientation were indifferent. Imagine that when your body pains it is your body trying to communicate and guide your mind. Imagine the high likelihood that you will become a resident at a nursing home when you grow old. Imagine if restaurants made food from a nutrition perspective. Imagine that the key to becoming a complete person is balancing the time you give to yourself, your partner, your family, your work and your friends. Imagine that we could make a demand for bicycle infrastructure as high priority in our cities. Imagine that this poster will become unnecessary. Imagine how lying drains your energy. Imagine that your world will change when you change your consumption. Imagine a link between your physical, mental and spiritual selves. Imagine the energy and resources you can help save by saying no to household distributed advertising matters. Imagine if your company had a vision of contributing to making the world a better place. Imagine turning of your television, computer and mobile and doing something with someone you love. Imagine allowing yourself to fail and never be perfect. Imagine that you can allways choose to be driven by confidence rather than fear. Imagine how important a good night´s sleep is for your physical and mental state. Imagine that your thoughts create your words, your words create your beliefs, your beliefs create your choices, your choices create your actions and your actions create your world.

Text by Mads Hagstrøm - Founder of theFLOWinstitute, which is a brand and a template that seek to meet the growing demand for sustainable innovation.

This post via http://www.woeltjekleene.com/

The Status Project

Clever, elegant, understated and profound. This little cube is a piece of art, an object, but mostly, a sarcastic yet philosophically complex reminder of how shallow we have become as an "evolved" society.  With our appetite for the latest, the hippest, the trendiest, and the best: The Status Project has taken a look at the meaning of "status" seeking in today's society; what it does and, sadly, doesn't do for humanity. Simple, beautiful, practical (can be used as a paper weight or pedestal for something else), this little object can serve as a daily reminder of our role in society and how we place our priorities. Status Symbol: those two little words hold a lot of power! Available in Danish, English, German, Japanese and more ... 

Dammed if you buy it and damned if you don't - either way - this project moves me! "A must have!"

Can we escape status seeking?
It´s a challenge to escape the act of status seeking. Even the awareness and intention of not seeking status can become an act of seeking status. But a first step is to acknowledge it and start talking about it. To reveal ourselves, share our experiences and laugh about it. It´s important to underline that there is nothing wrong with having beautiful things, a good physique, having ambitions, achieving great results and much more - but when these things starts to divert us away from each other rather than bring us closer together and becomes sources of value and substitutes for love and affection - thats when the red lights starts blinking. It´s a fine balance act that requires conscious awareness.

The status project originates from Denmark and is created by Flowmarket - www.theflowmarket.com

You can read more about it here:

Ovulo necklace by Michal Lando Design

Stopping by the local neighborhood grocery store to fill my seaweed addiction ... a quick in and out ...  I saw this stunning woman, very elegantly dressed. But when I saw the necklace she was wearing, I just had to stop her and ask who/what/where she got this piece of wearable art. WOW - simple, powerful, elegant, edgy, interesting, clever, everything I love! And it turns out her daughter was the designer!!!! Hence this post ....

Two strands of double mesh, each the inverse of the other connected by a handmade sterling silver magnetic button clasp. The beautiful textured clasp hangs at the center of this necklace, not in the back, making it the centerpiece! Very lightweight. 
Available in two lengths.


Farming is sacred!

H U M A N E ,   M I N D F U L ,  E T H I C A L , 

N O N - G M O ,  O R G A N I C, 

A N D / O R   B I O - D Y N A M I C    F A R M S 

 A N D    T H E I R   F A R M E R S 

S H O U L D   B E    C O N S I D E R E D 

N A T I O N A L   T R E A S U R E S !

Lalanne sheeps take over the Rockerfeller Center!


Peter Funch recently shot François-Xavier Lalanne’s famed  sheep for Christie’s Magazine. Using various locations at the Christie’s offices in Rockerfeller Center, Peter explains, “The snap shot feeling was inspired by photographs of the sheep in a 1967 issue of Life magazine. I wanted to put some personality and collective spirit into the sheep while adding a bit of humor.”