Ovulo necklace by Michal Lando Design

Stopping by the local neighborhood grocery store to fill my seaweed addiction ... a quick in and out ...  I saw this stunning woman, very elegantly dressed. But when I saw the necklace she was wearing, I just had to stop her and ask who/what/where she got this piece of wearable art. WOW - simple, powerful, elegant, edgy, interesting, clever, everything I love! And it turns out her daughter was the designer!!!! Hence this post ....

Two strands of double mesh, each the inverse of the other connected by a handmade sterling silver magnetic button clasp. The beautiful textured clasp hangs at the center of this necklace, not in the back, making it the centerpiece! Very lightweight. 
Available in two lengths.


Farming is sacred!

H U M A N E ,   M I N D F U L ,  E T H I C A L , 

N O N - G M O ,  O R G A N I C, 

A N D / O R   B I O - D Y N A M I C    F A R M S 

 A N D    T H E I R   F A R M E R S 

S H O U L D   B E    C O N S I D E R E D 

N A T I O N A L   T R E A S U R E S !

Lalanne sheeps take over the Rockerfeller Center!


Peter Funch recently shot Fran├žois-Xavier Lalanne’s famed  sheep for Christie’s Magazine. Using various locations at the Christie’s offices in Rockerfeller Center, Peter explains, “The snap shot feeling was inspired by photographs of the sheep in a 1967 issue of Life magazine. I wanted to put some personality and collective spirit into the sheep while adding a bit of humor.”