The Status Project

Clever, elegant, understated and profound. This little cube is a piece of art, an object, but mostly, a sarcastic yet philosophically complex reminder of how shallow we have become as an "evolved" society.  With our appetite for the latest, the hippest, the trendiest, and the best: The Status Project has taken a look at the meaning of "status" seeking in today's society; what it does and, sadly, doesn't do for humanity. Simple, beautiful, practical (can be used as a paper weight or pedestal for something else), this little object can serve as a daily reminder of our role in society and how we place our priorities. Status Symbol: those two little words hold a lot of power! Available in Danish, English, German, Japanese and more ... 

Dammed if you buy it and damned if you don't - either way - this project moves me! "A must have!"

Can we escape status seeking?
It´s a challenge to escape the act of status seeking. Even the awareness and intention of not seeking status can become an act of seeking status. But a first step is to acknowledge it and start talking about it. To reveal ourselves, share our experiences and laugh about it. It´s important to underline that there is nothing wrong with having beautiful things, a good physique, having ambitions, achieving great results and much more - but when these things starts to divert us away from each other rather than bring us closer together and becomes sources of value and substitutes for love and affection - thats when the red lights starts blinking. It´s a fine balance act that requires conscious awareness.

The status project originates from Denmark and is created by Flowmarket -

You can read more about it here:

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